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Eczema Care Reviews

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AVEENO Eczema Care Itch Relief Balm

403 reviews

I was given a sample of the product from the doctor's office. I tried it and automatically fell in love with it. Keeps your hand hydrated and stays on for awhile it is a little thick so i would only use it on my hands. It also cleared my eczema up after using it 2 to 3 times...
Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream

115 reviews

Mes enfants ont de l'eczéma. Cette crème les aide beaucoup à avoir un peau douce. Seulement quelques applications et les boutons disparaissent. Je la recommande pour ceux qui font de l'eczéma.
Vaseline Clinical Care™ Eczema Calming Therapy Cream

50 reviews

Awesome product! One of my ankles had been scaly and dry for about 6 months, and nothing was working. I bought this one day when it was on sale, and it’s helped my ankle SO MUCH! I apply it pretty liberally, and am happy with the results. It took a bit to see any change - be...
Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Care Hand Cream

43 reviews

This cream obviously doesn't get rid of eczema but it definitely reduced it. I have it on my hands but I'm sure it'll work on other areas of the body.
Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream

49 reviews

I have very sensitive skin, to the point where I even react to dish soap! As we all know you really can’t avoid doing dishes and unfortunately it would always cause me to get rashes all over my arms. No amount of cream would do the job until I found this! You have to be...
Numark cold sore cream

1 review

Great cold sore cream my son gets them time to time and this just works magic after two days it clears and that is good for a child as he licks his lips all the time would recommend this product

1 review

Suffering with cellulitis, I struggle to get a moisturiser to ‘seal’ my skin but this does it brilliantly with only minimal application. Soaks in well and doesn’t smell clinical. Also, normally it’s quite pricey but got my last tube from Boots in the reduced to clear...
BalmBalm Tea Tree Face Balm

1 review

I have very sensitive skin and used to have eczema for 2 years due to work pressure. My skin is reddish and dehydrated for long (which my skin can be peered off from time to time). I read from reviews saying that BalmBalm product is very suitable for Eczema. I heard about the...
Oilatum cream

2 reviews

I currently care for a child with sensitive skin. I use this generously on his little body and within 45 mins I see a decrease in redness.. plus his skin is soft, oily and most importantly looks much more comfortable. I see he is less irritable so that's a bonus
Glysomed Eczema Control

1 review

I discovered Glysomed Eczema Control at my local Walmart, after several failed attempts at treating my winter-only eczema with other brands. The word that comes to mind when describing this product once it's applied to the skin, is 'soothing', with its thick, balm-like texture...
Limelight forty cure cream

1 review

My son has suffered from.psoriasis all.of his life. To the point his legs and back bleed, and are so red. We have tried every cream, lotion, potion that the dermatologist prescribed. I hated putting all if those chemicals into his skin and bloodstream but like most people, a...
glysomed eczema control

4 reviews

I have had eczema for many years and have used tons of products and wasted tons of money on products that do not work (even those recommended by dermatologists). I currently have this product on my desk at work and use it daily. Works great for my dry hands where I get my...
Bebe hibou baume

2 reviews

Mon bébé a des rougeur au visage. Le medecin a prescrit une creme et ça ne fonctionnait pas. Nous avons essayé le baume bébé hibou et enleve les rougeurs
lush oaty creamy dreamy shower cream

1 review

In the summers, if I forget to apply sunscreen my hands start to get little patches of eczema, mind it is very mild. I went into lush looking for a product that may help with the eczema and was recommended this shower cream along with dream cream. I find that the two work...
Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Skin Therapy Cream

14 reviews

As a long time sufferer of eczema, I have tried a lot of creams/ointments/lotions/salves etc. The Gold Bond Eczema Relief was the first cream that I found that was affordable and actually helped keep my skin hydrated. It's just the right amount of moisturizing and soaks into the...
Coconut oil pound shop

1 review

So the pound shop do a tub of 100% coconut oil i rub all over my face and it helps my eczema so much its amazing i soak my face in it leave all night to soak on even see a difference after one night
Eucerin advanced Cream

4 reviews

My toddler has bad eczema. This is one of the only creams along with steroids (during flare ups) that seem to help during the healing process or to keep the eczema under control. Use it on my daughter all the time and even have one as a back up at her daycare.
Eucerin Eczema Relief

27 reviews

Bought this to try for my bad eczema flare up. I read reviews before buying products in hopes that it would work for me too. This cream had alot of positive reviews so i decided to try for myself. Sadly though it ended up burning my skin and I had to return it.
Glysomed Eczema Control Hand Lotion

2 reviews

I’ve been trying to get rid of my eczema for a while now and even the stuff doctors gave didn’t work, I used this and it cleared in like a week, it doesn’t have any smell to it
Burts Bees 100% natural res-q ointment, 15g tin

3 reviews

I always carry this in my purse during the winter months. It doesn't smell great, and has a lot of grease. But it does work over time. It's a bit dry and stiff sometimes, so I use it on and off with petroleum jelly.