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Eczema Care Reviews

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Aveeno Eczema Care Itch Relief Balm

420 reviews

This works magic. My daughter had a bit eczema on the chest and we did everything to try to make it go away because it was irritating her. This is the ONLY balm that made it go away for good. We continue to use this in her daily routine and especially around her cheeks area as...
Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream

125 reviews

Used this product for stubborn dry skin on both my children when they were babies. Tried many products before using this on my first child and this cleared up his skin almost immediately. I now only use Aveeno for dry skin and eczema spots on my children. No harsh smells and...
Vaseline Clinical Care™ Eczema Calming Therapy Cream

62 reviews

I would honestly cry if Vaseline ever discontinued this lotion. It’s the only one that works to get rid of my redness on my chest and arms! It doesn’t have a scent, so that’s nice, and it comes in a squeezable tube.
Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Care Hand Cream

49 reviews

I love the Aveeno lineup of products specifically for eczema. These are great for children and adults alike and I use them myself. These are especially great for those with sensitive skin as they are non-irritating in general. They provide long-term moisturization and relief...
Avène XeraCalm A.D lipid-replenishing balm

1 review

C’est l’éducatrice à ma fille qui m’a chaudement recommandé cette crème et dieu sait que j’en ai essayé plusieurs pour venir à bout de l’eczema de ma fille. Elle avait raison! Ce baume est magique! Attention, il faut vraiment prendre le baume, c’est encore plus...
Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream

50 reviews

J'ai utilisé cette crème anti-démageaison pour la première fois lors d'une réaction allergique. À base de cortisone, elle laisse une sensation franche de soulagement. Elle n'est pas huileuse et pénètre très bien dans la peau. C'est devenu un must dans ma trousse...
Cetaphil Pro Restoraderm Eczema Soothing Mousturizer

8 reviews

A bit greasy for me so I use it sparingly however very helpful with eczema. Can burn when applying but effective with the itching. Had a dry rough patch of skin and nothing helped until I tried this lotion.
okeeffes working hands

7 reviews

As a hairdresser my hands are always in water, shampoo, hair colour or getting snipped by my scissors. My skin started drying out and aching most evenings. I tried so many other creams recommended by hairdressers. Some stung my skin. Others did nothing at all then I found...

1 review

I suffer with dry skin on my face & body, I've started (6 weeks) to wash my face with this dab is dry and then cream up before bed & it's helped my skin. Especially during these winter months I struggle definitely recommend this!
DermaCalm SOS Therapy Moisturizing Creme

1 review

This is a super affordable face cream that definitely does what it says! My face had an allergic reaction to no idea what few months ago, everything I put on my skin irritated it and didn't do much. I decided to give this a try, since it was formulated for eczema, it must be...
Aveeno Eczema Care Hand Cream

5 reviews

Always having skin issues, especially eczema, i am always trying different creams to find one that works best while feeling great on my skin. Not only did this cream help take away the eczema, it also wasnt oily and didnt make the rashes worse
Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Skin Therapy Cream

21 reviews

I have tried a lot of creams for my hands due to dry and cracked and itchy skin and this lotion has been the best. I use this every time after I wash my hands and my hands are not ever dry or itchy anymore.
Eucerin Eczema Relief

37 reviews

I love the Eucerin brand for their commitment to quality products that are hypoallergenic and safe for most skin types. This body cream is great for those who suffer with eczema and dry skin and it’s very rich and moisturizing. The only downside is that their products can be...
Eucerin advanced Cream

12 reviews

I've suffered with severe eczema that covered 95% of my body and I was raw. After using this cream, I stay moisturized for almost 8 hours without reapplying. I've spent thousands of dollars on prescription creams and more expensive regular creams. And nothing has ever worked as...
Numark cold sore cream

1 review

Great cold sore cream my son gets them time to time and this just works magic after two days it clears and that is good for a child as he licks his lips all the time would recommend this product

1 review

Suffering with cellulitis, I struggle to get a moisturiser to ‘seal’ my skin but this does it brilliantly with only minimal application. Soaks in well and doesn’t smell clinical. Also, normally it’s quite pricey but got my last tube from Boots in the reduced to clear...
Glysomed Eczema Control

6 reviews

I can’t say enough about this product! I’m a landscaper and have really really rough hands. Especially in the winter when they get super dry and cracked. My eczema gets crazy out of control and this product is the only over the counter product that works! And I’ve tried...
BalmBalm Tea Tree Face Balm

1 review

I have very sensitive skin and used to have eczema for 2 years due to work pressure. My skin is reddish and dehydrated for long (which my skin can be peered off from time to time). I read from reviews saying that BalmBalm product is very suitable for Eczema. I heard about the...
Oilatum cream

2 reviews

I currently care for a child with sensitive skin. I use this generously on his little body and within 45 mins I see a decrease in redness.. plus his skin is soft, oily and most importantly looks much more comfortable. I see he is less irritable so that's a bonus
Bebe hibou baume

3 reviews

Ce baume réparateur fait des miracles que ce soit pour protéger du froid l'hiver (a appliquer sur les petites joues avant de sortir), pour traiter l'eczéma ou les petites joues rougies par les poussées dentaire ou pour tout autre irritation de la peau.