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Hair Removal Reviews

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Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax

316 reviews

This is a great Brazilian wax for the bikini area and for the legs. It has beeswax so it is a nice nontoxic formula. I just microwave it and it is so easy to use.
Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and Razor Heads

352 reviews

A super fast and effective shave. No nicks or scrapes . Easy to hold handle even when wet A lovely close shave. Probably the best razor I have ever purchased.
Nair Irresistible Candy Apple Sugar Wax

261 reviews

I bought this by mistake. I always use the Nair wax with out the strips. This is messy and does not remove much hair on the first pass. My poor bikini line was black and blue from trying to redo places. Go for the harder wax, it does a much better job and is less messy and...
Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil Wax

229 reviews

Shaving is much better for me in my opinion. This hurts me so badly!! I get All red, itchy and full of painful bumps. I will never use the nair brand or any other wax, hair removal creams again!!!. This varies from different people but keep in mind that the skin hurts a lot...
Schick Hydro Silk Razor

223 reviews

I bought these face razors after my cousin had mentioned them to me. I was a bit skeptical but thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did because this face razor was nothing like I had ever seen. I watched as it literally removed all of my peach fuzz and dead skin. You...
Venus Swirl Razor

165 reviews

My go to. I typically buy one razor and then buy refills right after the holidays because that's when you get the best bang for your buck. Honestly this one has been my favorite in the last few years of doing this. Seems to last the longest.
Schick Intuition Razor

184 reviews

I would recommend this product. Soap bars make it a very smooth shave with no resistance and limited razor burn. Only thing is because it's larger than the typical razor, it's hard to get around knees and ankles with precision.
Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS Face & Bikini

109 reviews

I tried these a few months ago and wasn't super impressed but had some left in my cupboard so I used them again and it worked like a charm! No need to warm the wax, I just followed the directions as written and the results were as if I just went to a salon.
Parissa Face & Body Sugar Wax

37 reviews

This Parissa Face & Body Sugar Wax is perfect for all-over use on your face, body, and bikini area! I love that this non-toxic formula contains chamomile and easily washes away with water (no pesky oils needed). This kit includes biodegradable epilation strips that work so well...
Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer

37 reviews

I have spent a small fortune on waxing services in my lifetime. So this Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer was the perfect item to receive so I can do my own! As this Parissa Mini Pro Wax Warmer works with all waxes that require heating, keeping wax at a consistent warm temperature...
Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS Legs & Body

104 reviews

These are the best wax strips I've ever used. No need to heat them between your hands. They're not overly sticky so they don't stick to your skin, just to the hair. Makes them a lot less painful than wax strips I've used in the past. The finishing wipes are also really nice. My...
Schick Intuition Advanced Moisturizing Womens Razor with Shea Butter

39 reviews

I shave 2 -3 times a week, one blade last me 1 month. Its the only razor that won’t give me red itchy bumps all over my legs. Also no soap or cream required.
Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Wand, Professional Style

8 reviews

ave sensitive skin and this set of blades works perfectly on my skin. The blades are very good and sharp but doesn't scratch your skin like some other blades which is really nice.
Gillette Venus and Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel

42 reviews

I love this products, as not only does it smell amazing and soothing- it also is moisturizing. I like that I can get this on sale often. I would highly recommend this product!
eos Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss

57 reviews

I really love the subtle scent of this shaving cream (I am usually sensitive to strong scents). The whipped texture feels super luxurious, and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated.
Veet Silky Fresh hair removal kit for face

1 review

I literally just finished trying this and all I can think of right now is Wow! I am beyond amazed. Amazed on how well and how quickly it worked. I applied a small layer on my upper lip and waited only 3 minutes. From there I could use a cotton round to remove it and for the...
Greenlife Wax Warmer

1 review

This wax warmer is worth it on it own. Comes with 5 bags of wax beans and wooden sticks to apply. Works fine for me and price is fair and value is great!
Parissa Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips Kit

1 review

Been using these strips for years around the bikini line. Strips are effective on the first ripe if you cover the entire hair area, left over wax can only take a few more hairs if they are missed. If you’re on the hairier side you might need bigger strips. Not painful either...
Nair 3 in 1 Hair Removal Lotion

88 reviews

I have always been in doubt with these products that how can a cream get rid of hair but oh boy was i wrong. Put it all areas i wanted to be baby smooth and 5 minutes later i used the wee spadula that came with it and scraped it all off and what do ya know lovely smooth skin :o...
Veet Easy-Gel Wax Strips for Body and Legs

3 reviews

So, Veet sent me a free sample of this. I'm a 41-year-old woman and I've never waxed anything, except maybe poetic. I have a fear of such products; I always thought they'd be terribly painful as I ccan only think of the hair being yanked from the body, but these were...