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Hair Removal Reviews

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Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and Razor Heads

351 reviews

This razor was definitely made with women in mind. I love this razor and would recommend to all ladies. The flexibility is amazing. I have never cut myself with this razor and it does not leave shaving burn.
Nair Irresistible Candy Apple Sugar Wax

260 reviews

So this is the wax I have been using for well over 3 years and there are good days and bad days with this one. You have to be very particular when applying. It only works under certain conditions. No moisturizer, very thin layer of application and not too short hair - thats when...
Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil Wax

229 reviews

Shaving is much better for me in my opinion. This hurts me so badly!! I get All red, itchy and full of painful bumps. I will never use the nair brand or any other wax, hair removal creams again!!!. This varies from different people but keep in mind that the skin hurts a lot...
Schick Hydro Silk Razor

221 reviews

This is my favourite razor brand to go to! It makes your skin feel nice and smooth after your done shaving and it works great! I will say they can be a bit pricy sometimes
Venus Swirl Razor

163 reviews

I love this razor! I used to use men's razors because women's razors usually failed me...until I tried the Venus razors, and I can definitely say I loooove the swirl for the legs and underarms! For the "bikini" zone I prefer Gillette Mach3. But for every other part I shave, this...
Schick Intuition Razor

175 reviews

I’d like to first state that my regular razor is a safety razor, essentially a razor blade with a handle. I found the shaver head big and bulky. I couldn’t really feel the blades against my skin, not a pro or a con, just an observation. It was the fastest shave I’ve had...
Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS Face & Bikini

109 reviews

I tried these a few months ago and wasn't super impressed but had some left in my cupboard so I used them again and it worked like a charm! No need to warm the wax, I just followed the directions as written and the results were as if I just went to a salon.
Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS Legs & Body

104 reviews

These are the best wax strips I've ever used. No need to heat them between your hands. They're not overly sticky so they don't stick to your skin, just to the hair. Makes them a lot less painful than wax strips I've used in the past. The finishing wipes are also really nice. My...
Schick Intuition Advanced Moisturizing Womens Razor with Shea Butter

34 reviews

I love this razor. It’s very gentle on my skin. I never knick myself shaving with it. I love how smooth and soft my skin is and not as dry as when using shave gel. Plus it’s so much quicker than shaving with shave gel.
Gillette Venus and Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel

41 reviews

I love its fragrance, its texture, it worth every cent I paid for it, leaves my legs so soft and silky, definitely I will buy it again. I've tried other brands but they dries my skin.
eos Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss

56 reviews

This leaves your skin so soft after shaving it is unreal. It kind of doubles as a body conditioner. It smells amazing, and is super easy to use with the pump.
Nair 3 in 1 Hair Removal Lotion

87 reviews

This gave me inconsistent results - some of the hair that I left it on was removed completely, some areas there was still plenty of hair left. And I have very light hair as a Caucasian blonde.
Gillette Venus Spa Razor

31 reviews

Regually use these and never leave my legs with cuts and glides smotthly across the skin leaving my legs soft and would recommend to anyone who shaves down there too
Veet Easy-Gel Wax Strips for Body and Legs

1 review

Received a sample in the mail which contains10 strips to remove hair from body and legs. Use dry and may be re-used until they lose grip. apply and keep rubbing in the direction of hair growth. to remove pull against hair growth. Use the finishing wipe to remove excess wax. Legs...
Veet easy gel sensitive skin wax stripsfor sensitive skin

1 review

I have only used these wax strips once and so happy to have found them as I will be using them from now on instead of shaving my legs. Just apply, remove and dab with finishing wipe; no need to heat They work great for me, so easy
Veet Face Wax Strips with easy gel

2 reviews

I got a green sample of the new Veet gel wax strips , my legs are so amazingly smooth . This product is absolutely amazing . The wax cleaning cloth that is provided makes your legs feel so silky . I’ll definitely be buying these !!!
Nair hair remover sugar wax leg, body &bikini;

1 review

My daughter has very sensitive skin and whenever she shaves with razors she gets terrible rash. So we went to a store and found this product that looked interesting which was Nair sugar wax hair removal system. It came with everything we needed to remove hair the strips, the...
Veet Face Wax Strips

1 review

I have tried a few wax strips for my upper lip hair, which is dark and has proven stubborn during use of Veet's competitors, and this is the best one I have tried. With a little experience of using these, you can effectively wax your face with little side effects. With Veets...
Wilkinson Sword Intuition Eye Brow styling and Facial Shaving

1 review

Ok! This is something every woman need to know about. After trying this just once, I know it’s a product I will use for the rest of my life! It gives me clean looking, exfoliated, bright, smooth skin! No fluff round my ears, no baby hairs on my neck, you know those annoying...
Veet easy gel sensitive skin wax strips

4 reviews

As all the salons are close in my area due to current situation. This was the best at home wax I could find. It’s mess free and I don’t have to buy any other equipments to wax. Very easy for on the go and specially if you are on the road.