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Manicure & Pedicure Tools Reviews

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Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

213 reviews

I used to be ashamed of my heels and would always wear sneakers or court shoes. Not anymore!! Since I discovered this product, it did the job as from Day 1 and I immediately felt blessed with a new set of feet. Now I shop for open sandals and would proudly show off my feet...
Dr. Scholl's Express Pedi Foot Smoother

62 reviews

I bough this foot sander when it was all the hype & i was seriously disappointed. It literally did nothing. This file pretty much just buffs your calluses. Complete waste of money. Do yourself a favor & get a professional pedicure.
7th Heaven Hand And Feet Masks

1 review

Both of these masques felt very cold when applied, but the coldness didn’t last too long. They felt a bit gooey, but this wasn’t too unpleasant. I soon forgot about it whilst I was relaxing. I kept these on for 20 minutes or so, and once I had removed the socks and gloves...
Nails mini matchbook nail files

1 review

Love the nails mini nail files so neat and tidy and love the different design coulours easy to break off and small to keep in your handbag defo recommend these
vernis a ongle l'oréal

1 review

Grace a ce vernis j'ai de très beau ongles maintenant, il ne s'écaille pas avant 2 semaine et demi - 3 semaine il ont de magnifiques couleurs en plus :)
Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File

19 reviews

This foot filler is amazing not only rechargeable it makes ur feet look amazing its like getting a pedicure at home i recomend this product to anybody who wants a pedi at home without the cost
Bio Seaweed LED/UV U-Light Pro 5

3 reviews

I tried this UV light at my friends place a few nights ago when she was doing my nails. She had just purchased it and said she really liked it and asked me for my client feedback on it. It was much larger than the other units I have seen which made it a lot more comfortable...
Vernis yves rocher

1 review

Les vernis yves rocher j'adore !! les couleurs sont tres belle ! Mais ils s'écaillent facilement seule bémol !! Le prix est largement raissonnable ! J'espere que de nouvelles couleurs sortiront depuis peu !!
Revlon Nail Files

15 reviews

These are classic nail files for a reason. They are inexpensive but they work and work well. You can get a ton of use out of one board, with great control. I have tried the metal files, the glass files, the weird foam in the middle files, the blocks and probably a few other...
Ped Egg Foot File

39 reviews

I bought this foot file as I read so many good reviews about it. I found that this was a serious dud & a complete waste of money. This file didnt remove much of anything from my feet. I threw it in the garbage & headed for a pedicure. Nothing works better than professionals.
Dr Scholl's Pedicure Foot Spa

1 review

Until about 4 months ago I had never ever thought about soaking my feet. That was only something I did when I went for a pedicure. Well that has changed. Since I'm working full time for the first time in my life. Standing on my feel for seven hours a day. Good grief. At the end...
Beauticontrol Instant Manicure

2 reviews

I was introduced to this product by my sister when she signed on to be a consultant. This product works wonders on all types of hands... Living in such a dry climate my hands have always cracked and had rough dry patches, but once I started using this both of those issues...
Bodico Bath Pedicure Paddle

1 review

I purchased this at my local dollar store and it was amazing. It is a 4in1 pedicure paddle and they come in so many different colours. Before I bought one for myself, I actually originally purchased this as a prize for my baby shower! On one side it has a pumice stone which is...
Impress press on manicure ultra gel shine

1 review

Stays on for a long period of time with no worries. Doesn't fall off when you get your hands wet. I have them on for weeks at a time. Great product all around
Sally hansan shea butter rapid finish

1 review

Love this rapid finish for your manicure or pedicure it dries the color in 30 seconds at is advertised on the bottle. I love the almond scent you feel extra pampered just to smell the almond. It is like an oil so it gives to your skin rich emollients to keep it more moisture and...
Loreal extraordinaire gel-lacque

1 review

J'ai toujours appliquer une base avant ma couleur . J'aime des manucures qui dure longtemps . Avec ce gel base ma manucure dure plus longtemps qu'une base régulière . J'aime les vernis et base de vernis Loreal , d'excellents produits.
3 swords nail file

1 review

I didn't see anyone write about this product before but i came across this on Amazon and its absolutely amazing! Its a super smooth nail file. I've used hard metal ones to soft foam ones in the past but this product has nothing on that. generally the metal ones are good but i...
Sally Hensen birthday suit.

1 review

Très belle couleur. Ce vernis à ongles s'applique bien, mais pour avoir une couleur opaque, on doit appliquer plusieurs couches. C'est le seul bémol de ce produit je trouve.
Spirit Halloween Metallic Press On Nails

1 review

I bought these metallic press-on nails to be used as part of my Halloween costume, but they're actually really neat, and I could see wearing them for a special occasion of some sort if you're into that sort of thing. Full disclosure: I have horrible nails. I go through large...
KISS "Design Perfection Guides" 86 CT

1 review

As long as you've waited a long enough time for your nails to dry, they don't remove the nail polish. You just need to make sure you don't have them on too soon. I usually wait an hour just to make 100% sure that it won't take off the polish. Great for making cute and simple...