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Razors Reviews

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Finishing Touch Flawless Brows

179 reviews

Had you made this like your Flawless Pro, so a plug-in, I think you would have had a bang on product! Batteries just don't cut it! There isn't the same power in a plug-in style tool vs a battery!
Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glow

82 reviews

Bought this at a drug store. I like the product but am really ticked off that you can't buy refill blades. So expensive to just throw away. Definitely won't buy another one.
Gillette Venus Pubic Hair and Skin Razor

1 review

The Gillette Venus razor for pubic hair has been really impressing me so far. It has a nice sleek design with a small head that makes it easy to reach difficult places. The handle comes with a rubber feel grip to avoid my hand slipping in the shower. It has been giving me the...
Shishedo facial razor

1 review

Most people have upper lip hair, sometimes noticeable and sometimes not. For me personally, I have dark blonde hair and after a week of not shaving, I have dark hairs popping up like whiskers by the corners of my mouth. The odd times I’ll have a chin hair that grew out of...
Schick Hydro skin razor

1 review

Got these for my husband as he has sensitive skin and they work wonders for him . Got him the sensitive skin razors. Will try the other kids as well next time . This will be our go to razors Highly recommend this brand
Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor

22 reviews

This product is so easy to use and leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth. I also used the serum after and my skin feels soft and fresh. No shaving Rash or dragging on the skin, the blades glided over the skin and I couldn't believe had well they worked.
Venus sensitive 5 blade razors

20 reviews

I have used this brand for 20+ years. In my opinion there is no other brand like it. They provide the closest shave, never nik me and goes around every curve and bump without damage or burn. The razor stays sharp forever and do not dull after one or two shaves, saving money...
SHICK intuition razor

17 reviews

I've recently switched to the Schick Intuition after years of using a razor + shaving cream in the shower. It was a constant battle of not having enough cream or the water washing it off, resulting in razor burn. Since moving to this, I have had no razor burn and ultimately now...
Joy Shaver

5 reviews

The handle is nice and grippy, the razors are Gillette they look identical to my husbands which is a little shady. Shaves really well! No bumps cuts or burns
Gillette Fusion5 Power

2 reviews

This is my favourite razor. It’s catered for men but I think it works really well when I shave my legs. I’ve tried other razors but this is definitely my favourite!
Gillette 5 blade razor

15 reviews

I bought this because I was intrigued with the five blades as well as the moisturizing bars however though I ended up cutting myself multiple times and the moisturizing bar irritated my skin and the blades didn't stay very sharp for very long.
Shick hydro sense

3 reviews

I stopped buying lady razors and using the men’s ,I find they are a lot better! This razor always gives me a nice smooth shave! Recommend to everyone!
Gillette Venus swirl 5 advanced contour blades

3 reviews

Oh my God I love this razor. This is probably the best razor I’ve ever used in my life. I have always typically use the same type of razor, and then I just got tired of it so I decided to pick a new one. There’s so many out there but I decided to do this one mostly because...
BIC Soleil Click 5

2 reviews

After experiencing severe breakouts in my armpits from using no name razors, I started reviewing brand new razors and I was impressed with the reviews on the bic razors that I decided to try it. The razor has being amazing. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth after each...
Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel - Sensitive Skin

2 reviews

I have always just used body wash when shaving my legs. My daughter told me to try Skintimate moisturizing shave gel lotionized vitamin E for senstive skin. This is the best stuff ever. My legs has never felt so smooth, after they have been shaved. I'll never use soap/body...
Venus malibu disposable razors

3 reviews

I loved that this product worked just as well as the non disposable Venus razors. Wish we wouldn’t have to dispose after a use or two. They did work great.
Flamingo Razor

5 reviews

I bought this razor and we’re very excited to try it. It’s designed is beautiful, you get it with nice holder. But to be honest I was very disappointed from the first use. It doesn’t gives you smooth feeling at all…very disappointing…
Venus Rifle Co.

1 review

I had such high expectations and hopes for this razor. I always use mens razors as Womens razors just don’t seem to cut it. I purchased Venus Rifle Co, smooth and sensitive razor. The design was super cute and I thought why not. Now I’m wishing I didn’t. I had to...
Gillete venus

1 review

I am glad i got the chance to try it for free. The moisture bar is such an addiction. It glides smoothly over skin leaving it perfectly silky. The design with moveable neck helps reduce the risk of getting abrasion. The fragrance of sugarberry leaves long over skin. Very happy...
Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel coconut delight

6 reviews

Out of all the shave gels I’ve used this one is by far by favourite! It gets a close shave and leaves my skin soft and silky instead of drying it out!