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Teeth Whitening Reviews

Whiter teeth give the illusion of youth, health, and hygiene.  So when a love of coffee, red wine, cherries and berries leave your pearlies a little lackluster and yellowed, it's time to haul out the dental bleaches and toothpastes.

For everyday brightening, a whitening toothpaste from Crest, Colgate, or Sensodyne (for sensitive teeth) is a good place to start.  For more stubborn stains, top products on ChickAdvisor include Crest Whitestrips and Listerine Whitening Strips

Tip:  to fake a brighter smile instantly, wear a lipstick shade with a cool undertone! 

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Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects

263 reviews

i think this is brilliant,as a smoker and lot of tea drinker i can get stains on my teeth but always fine this product really does the job and gets rid of them,there expensive to if they work im always willing to pay the price .
Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2-hour Express

267 reviews

These white stops do make a difference but only after a while of use if you keep using them. It doesn’t make your teeth pearly white but that’s normal it just makes your teeth more white than they already are.
Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste & Boost

86 reviews

If you have any sensitivity stay away from this as it will actually hurt your teeth- it will tingle and cause them to ache and increase their sensitivity
Crest  Whitestrips Advanced Seal

128 reviews

Took off years of stains. Very pleased with this product. It did exactly what it said it would do. It brightened and whitened my teeth. Extremely happy with the end results. I've recieved multiple compliments about how beautiful my teeth look. 100% satisfaction with this...
Crest 3D White Brilliance 2 Step Toothpaste

49 reviews

Crest is a good toothpaste but I don’t recommend this product . I think you get as much teeth cleaning ability from just the regular Crest. I tried this product and found no difference in before or after.
Crest Whitestrips

96 reviews

I was always hesitant to waste my money or end up looking like Ross from friends, happy to say these were an amazing purchase and you see major results after just one use! Takes getting used to having the strips in your mouth, so Definitely suggest doing so when you’re lying...
Sensodyne enamel repair

25 reviews

I love the taste of this toothpaste and the feel of my teeth after using it. I usually buy what’s cheapest and whitening types, but stumbled on this and gave it a shot. It’s been my go to for a year now. Pricier than most basic toothpastes but I don’t mine the few extra...
Sensidyne toothpaste

18 reviews

My teeth are vary sensitive to hot and cold! My enamel is also not very strong ( runs in the family). I tried sensodyne. Used it for a few days and it improved my sensitivity a whole lot! I would recommend! 😊
Sensodyne Daily Care Original Mint Toothpaste

3 reviews

sensitive teeth however it can be used by anyone and every day. It doesn’t have extremely strong mint flavour which is a bonus. Not without a reason it’s a number one dentist recommended brand! It’s a shame it’s quite expensive comparing to other brands which is the only...
pronamel toothpaste strong and bright

7 reviews

Love this toothpaste. Unlike other teeth whitening toothpaste this one is great for those with sensitive teeth while protecting your enamel! I will be a forever customer to this product!
Tesco teeth whitening strips

1 review

Suitably impressed by this product, a bit messy & you tend to drool & they can slip a bit but once in place they are OK. Whitening effect is impressive so i will definitely be purchasing again
Hello activated charcoal toothpaste

11 reviews

I’ve been using this for a few months now especially at night. It’s amazing and I don’t have any tooth sensitivity from it at all. I thought it would be very messy and hard to get out of my toothbrush, but it isn’t. I can definitely tell a difference and my teeth feel...
Oral b toothpaste mouthwash

1 review

I’m always after convenience within my life and when I cake across this toothpaste with added mouthwash, I was at first sceptical but it’s a miracle worker and really does do as the packaging claims. It’s a foamy/frothy toothpaste and lathers well, a feature I always tend...
Oral B Genius X 20000 Electric Toothbrush

4 reviews

I bought this on the advice from my dentist to invest in a electric toothbrush and I must say it's been the best thing I've done all year my teeth feel cleaner and from my last visit to the dentist my gums have improved so much as I was having issues with them
Crest gum & sensitivity all day protection toothpaste

2 reviews

I love the crest gum & sensitivity product! It is a little pricey but I do have sensitive teeth and my gums bleed easily. After using this toothpaste for only a few days, I am seeing less teeth and gum sensitivity.
Colgate 360° Optic White Toothpaste

6 reviews

Brilliant product, highly reccomend to all as even using on sensitive teeth it is wonderful and really leaves your pearly whites feeling nice ! Five stars from me !
Blanx O3X Supreme White Trays

2 reviews

I've been wanting to whiten my teeth for a while and was excited to see how good the BlanX white trays were. First of all the trays are really easy to use and not fiddly at all which was great, secondly I could see the difference straight away and there was no sensitivity, which...
White Glo Deep Stain Remover

1 review

White Glo are a leading whitening and oral care big brand from Australia and they know a lot about incorporating natural ingredients like Charcoal - which you’ll find in this Deep Stain Remover that turns into a refreshing foam on contact with teeth. A toothbrush with super...
Oral-B Criss Cross Manual Toothbrush 8 Pack

1 review

I Love this brand. This toothbrush is amazing, very soft and gentle. I love the way that the bristles are positioned, it gives more accurate in the cleaning. It's really worth it. I really recommend it.
Crest 3D White Brilliance Whitening Toothpaste

4 reviews

This product was recommended by a friend. After 4 days of using this product my teeth became very sensitive to the point where I could no longer drink room temperature water.