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Baby Food Reviews

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Nestlé Gerber Organic Baby Cereal

260 reviews

I love that gerber has an organic line of baby cereal's. The consitency is nice flavor is not there but I add an organic purree and the possibilities are endless!
Nestlé Gerber Puffs Blueberry Vanilla Flavour

193 reviews

Both of my kids loved puffs. They are an awesome out and about snack with no cleanup. Fast dissolving so there is less chance to choke which is awesome for babies branching out to solid foods.
Nestlé Gerber Oat & Prune Baby Cereal

130 reviews

bonjour j’achète ce produit depuis toujours j'ai 4 enfants et les 4 ont adorer maintenant bébé 4 adore elle déjeune ça depuis ses 3 mois et je n’achète aucune autres sorte même si la marque maison est souvent 1$ moins cher je reste fidèle a gerber je suis heureuse...
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Banana Melts

114 reviews

My little one loves these so much ! they are easy and soft enough for him to chew on since he does;t have many teeth . The flavour has to be his favourite ! Every time I take them out my oldest always ends up "stealing" them from his brother . It's a great first chunk for...
Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits

76 reviews

My daughter loved these so much they fit perfectly in her hand and moisten in her mouth so well. She just eats them right up! I would definitely buy these again.
Nestlé Gerber Lil' Crunchies

82 reviews

We love getting the different flavors in these. We get the Veggie Dip, Cheddar Cheese, and Garden Tomato. They're the perfect size for my little ones hands. They kind of melt away once they mash it around in their mouth. It's nutritious, and I can't find a better snack for them!
Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereal

80 reviews

I purchased this for my daughter as one of her first solids. This cereal is so easy to prepare for those days where I do not have time to make puree. I also mix a bit of this rice cereal into pureed fruits and vegetables for additional iron/nutrients... helpful to thicken puree...
Gerber Arrowroot Cookies

76 reviews

My daughter absolutely loves these cookies. Not only are they a great tool for teaching babies how to ear finger foods, they are great tasting, and help with those teething urges to chew on everything! A little messy, but isn't everything when u have a baby?
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Melts

41 reviews

My little one loves these yogurt melts. They melt in her mouth so you can't choke on them. She loves the different flavors and keeps wanting more. I will buy again.
Mum-Mum Banana Rice Crackers

43 reviews

Mum-Mums snacks are so tasty and delicious! We have tried all of the flavors and they are all really good. The price is very reasonable and they melt in your mouth when you eat them. Very good!
Cheerios General Mills Honey Nut Cereal

17 reviews

We love this cereal! It's a great go-to snack for my kids and it's a delicious and healthy breakfast! My kids absolutely love this cereal. They taste amazing.
Similac Advance Omega 3 & 6

39 reviews

My youngest son seems to only agree to this Similac formula ! He is not as gassy or crying as much, stays down well. Love the brand need to try toddler drink next!
Baby Mum-Mum Banana Rice Cookie

40 reviews

I love Baby Mum-Mum rice snacks for babies and toddlers because they are organic. My baby loves him and he's happy. I recomend it to you! The best thing is that you can take them wherever you go.
Nestle Gerber Graduates Puffs

21 reviews

My daughter loves these snacks. They dissolve easily and she eats them almost everyday. They are a great value and taste pretty good. I buy them at my local Kroger and they are pretty cheap also
Love Child Organics Purée

29 reviews

Nous essayons le plus possible d'acheter des produits naturels et bio. Lorsque j'ai vu ces articles j'ai tout de suite voulu les acheter! Bebe à beaucoup aimé! Pour ma part je trouve la pochette très pratique pour la voiture, le camping ou aller en visite! Elle se glisse bien...
Love child organics love ducks

6 reviews

As a busy mom of a 1 year old I need lots of snacks that are quick and easy! I absolutely love these! They are super affordable and the ingredients are simple and clean! No added nasty chemicals!! As a mom who is very cautious of what I feed my son, this snack is a 5 starts for...
Baby Mum- Mum Apple And pumpkin Rie rusks

9 reviews

bébé adore se produit ce n'est pas trop dure sur ses dent et fait d'excellente collation et ne fais pas trop de dégât. Je vous recommande pour vous et bébé
Plum organic puffs

2 reviews

We love all plum products. Good taste and good for you. Even my 4 year old will eat the puffs and snack bars. I like the ingredients and feel good about feeding them to my kids.
Plum organic baby bowls

2 reviews

These baby bowls are fantastic! I received the product for free and I was so happy to introduce these to my son. They have a really great variety of flavor blends, even a mango-quinoa cup! The cups are designed to grip easily and the lids have a little dent to use as a spoon...
Gerber Puffs Bleuet vanille

1 review

Toute la famille les aimes. Leur gout est super nous aimons tout les saveurs mais j'ai une préférence sur ceux au bleuet. bonne petit collation a apporter partout ou on va.