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Baby Food Reviews

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Nestlé Gerber Organic Baby Cereal

274 reviews

I tried a different kind and I found it tasted like cardboard and little Guy WOULDNT eat it but the. I got him this one and he absolutely loves it, can’t get it on the spoon fast enough
Nestlé Gerber Puffs Blueberry Vanilla Flavour

214 reviews

These are perfect for baby to start experimenting with food and their hands. Easy to pack, and fun to eat. At times, I find my self sneaking some off to eat myself!
Nestlé Gerber Oat & Prune Baby Cereal

141 reviews

i have given gerber oat and prune to al my babies, i love how nutritious it was and also helped with my childrens constipation. and to top it all my kids loved the taste as well, never had a hard moment when feeding them
Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits

90 reviews

Great finger food for babies/toddlers. My daughter loves arrowroot cookies. I always have them in the house, car and diaper bag. They're firm to touch so it's easy for little ones to hold, but they get soft when you're eating it. I also like that they're not sweet! Delicious...
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Banana Melts

117 reviews

Miam ! Quel gout je trouve que c'est une collation parfaite et en plus sa l'aide a la dextérité de mon garçon parfait ! format parfait pour traîner dans le sac a couche
Nestlé Gerber Lil' Crunchies

96 reviews

My oldest babies loved these. Some flavours I even liked! I recommend consuming within a few days or they start to go stale and spongey though! Overall great.
Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereal

97 reviews

I had one of those babies who wanted nothing what so ever to do with any type of baby food! I tried everything on the market and it was a no go. It was extremely frustrating as a parent because it felt like it was something my baby "had to do", but even his doctor said some...
Gerber Arrowroot Cookies

77 reviews

We bought a very large quantity on amazon on accident. I was conceded we would not go through them but sure enough my daughter ate them all. We love the resealable bag it keeps them fresh. Super easy snack and good for on the go. I would buy more.
Baby Mum-Mum Banana Rice Cookie

61 reviews

These have to be the best cookies for babies. They melt in your mouth so no worrying about baby choking. The banana flavour gives it a bit more of a taste instead of it being bland
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Melts

48 reviews

All four of my kids have eaten Gerber yogurt melts. They are easy for my baby to pick up and eat on his own and he loves the taste! We buy them regularly and will continue to do so until my baby outgrows them.
Love Child Organics Purée

47 reviews

These purees are great, inexpensive and usually are on sale for even less. My baby loves them! Since shes just starting out it takes a while to finish a pouch so I usually end up freezing some in a mini ice cube tray. Works great and easy to warm up as needed, especially with...
Mum-Mum Banana Rice Crackers

47 reviews

I have a very picky toddler and we gave him this and he loved it!! Made my toddler eat something good for him. Would definitely recommend this product!!
Baby gourmet pouches

4 reviews

This is literally the only brand of baby food I will ever buy for my daughter. I love that it is all organic foods and I love the the flavour combinations and as well as that it’s a Canada company!!
Similac Advance Omega 3 & 6

44 reviews

Le lait Similac advanced est le seule lait que ma cocotte digère et aime avec les autres sortes de laits ma fille a des colliques et des gaz j'adore ce produit
360 munchkin cup

10 reviews

This product is great! I bought two a few days ago as my son is teething and chews all this sippy cups and they spill EVEYWHERE! Whereas this cup is fantastic, he doesn’t have to manoeuvre a spout to go in his mouth, he can drink from any angle. Great product, definitely would...
Nestle Gerber Graduates Puffs

27 reviews

My little's gobbled these up! I always had them in my baby bag for on the go. Blueberry is the go-to flavour. Bonus: they doubled as a fun "shaker" for impromptu dancing :)
Similac Advance Step 1

12 reviews

This product and company are awesome! They provide a great sample kit for new moms and babies. They offer different types of furmula so you can be sure you will find something that gets along with your babies digestive track!
Gerber organic puffs

3 reviews

Great snack and great distraction when I'm trying to eat and my niece wants my food. I'll place them here and there for her to find and eat, LOL. Follow the trail of puffs! She's 10 months and has been eating these for a while and I like that it softens quickly. She jams a bunch...
Heinz baby food on glass jar

4 reviews

My little guy is in love with heinz baby food. Any new food I tried heinz glass jar food first and he likes all of them. His favourite is sweet potato and turkey can't get enough of it. He is fussy eater now at 11 months but any time I offer this jar empty in minutes.
Baby Mum Mum Blueberry & Goji Rice Rusks

11 reviews

My baby absolutely loves these! If I need to get anything done, I just place him in his high chair and open a pack of these and he will be okay. It's quite delicious and I am guilty of indulging! lol