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Baby Food Reviews

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Nestlé Gerber Organic Baby Cereal

266 reviews

This was a great starter cereal. It was easy to make. The container the cereal came in kept it fresh. My son really enjoyed the flavour. It was a bonus it was organic.
Nestlé Gerber Puffs Blueberry Vanilla Flavour

204 reviews

My little one loved these! Especially when learning to eat! The helped a lot with starting off baby led weaning as a snack before I would give food to know where she was at with hunger!
Nestlé Gerber Oat & Prune Baby Cereal

136 reviews

This is one of the first cereals we tried and my baby loves it. I just tried a different brand and I have to say that this one is so much better. Texture, flavour and how easy is to prepare it, make the other brand look pretty bad in comparison
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Banana Melts

115 reviews

My baby is currently addicted to these! We have to have atleast 5 packages because he wants them for breakfast lunch and supper. He can’t get enough of them. And I love that they are healthy. I just wish the price was a bit lower. But other than that. GREAT PRODUCT
Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits

79 reviews

This delicious and healthy treat that has been around forever. I used it with my children and now with my grandchildren. The texture and taste is perfect for those new palettes. And a course the smile that accompanies it!
Nestlé Gerber Lil' Crunchies

86 reviews

A super tricky way to get the little ones to eat their veggies and get their daily intake! Our niece eats these from start to finish! If she approves, I approve!
Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereal

89 reviews

For some reason my daughter hates this brand. I tried everything to feed her nestle but its so much trouble to feed her this product. I dont have this issue with heinz. I will not buy nestle again since i ended up having to throw out this product after 2 weeks of trying to feed...
Gerber Arrowroot Cookies

77 reviews

We bought a very large quantity on amazon on accident. I was conceded we would not go through them but sure enough my daughter ate them all. We love the resealable bag it keeps them fresh. Super easy snack and good for on the go. I would buy more.
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Melts

43 reviews

I love yogurt melts for my son! Perfect size to pick up for his tiny hands and love that they met so you don’t have to worry about choking. He loves all the flavours and are one of his favourite snack. The only con for me is the price. I feel the price is a little high for...
Baby Mum-Mum Banana Rice Cookie

48 reviews

My baby love theses and they are great. Perfect size for little ones to hold and they have a good selection of flavours. They are awesome for when you are out and about.
Cheerios General Mills Honey Nut Cereal

21 reviews

Cheerios have been around for years i loved them as a kid and i still love them today. There just as tasty as I remember as a kid would recommend to any one :) every kind of cheerios are good
Mum-Mum Banana Rice Crackers

44 reviews

My little ones love these! Very easy snack to give, less mess, melt in your mouth deliciousness! Easy to slip in your pocket when you are rushing out the door. Great snack on the go! Very impressed!
Similac Advance Omega 3 & 6

44 reviews

Le lait Similac advanced est le seule lait que ma cocotte digère et aime avec les autres sortes de laits ma fille a des colliques et des gaz j'adore ce produit
Nestle Gerber Graduates Puffs

25 reviews

Ma cocotte de 10 mois adore toute les saveurs, très pratique, à avoir toujours sous la main surtout lorsque qu’oN débute les aliments solides!!! Ma cocotte aime le fait de se servir elle-même
Love Child Organics Purée

33 reviews

My baby loves these purees! We used them when he first started on solids. Absolutely loved every one we tried. My only wish is that there were more options with little to no fruit, just to reduce the sugar intake a bit. Otherwise, these are very tasty.
Enfamil A+ Ready To Feed Formula

32 reviews

Ready to feed bottles were super convenient for traveling or being on the go. No worries about mixing powder, carrying water with you etc. Priced quite high so I would recommend using the concentrated cans for at home use. Way better value.
Similac Advance Step 1

5 reviews

We have been using this product to supplement breast feeding since it was recommended to us in the hospital when he was born. It has never caused stomach issues, however it is on the more expensive side for formula.
Love child organics love ducks

8 reviews

My daughter asks for these constantly. I'm always watching her sodium intake and these have little to none if you opt for the cheese free variety! She will eat every flavour available! I only wish the bag would be resealable as I won't let her eat the entire bag in one sitting.
Heinz rice cereal

1 review

This rice cereal is a great and affordable option when introducing solids to your baby. We mix in purées to add flavour and offer new fruit and vegetable options. It can be mixed with breast milk, formula, or water.
Enfamil A+ 2 pouder

3 reviews

Loved this product , easy and great for my son . Easy digestion and good fresh powder from the container . Also very affordable for any household . Would recommend