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Baby Wipes Reviews

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Huggies Sensitive Baby Wipes

72 reviews

Better then any other brand I have tried. I enjoy using them on my little one he has a sensitive bottom so this always help and removes everything with only a few swipes of the cotton
Walmart baby cotton wipes

5 reviews

I gave Walmart cotton baby wipes a try with my youngest and I'm just sad I didn't try them sooner. They are thick and soft and work on sensitive skin as well. Very comparable to Huggies wipes but cost much less!
Huggies baby wipes natural care

6 reviews

Reliable brand and outs the needs of kids first! These wipes are durable and get the job done from wiping your children for a diaper change or after dinner/snacks. We keep a pack everywhere including our car.
Tesco Fred & Flo fragrance free wipes

5 reviews

I have 2 kids so baby wipes are a complete must have. Every single month I buy a box of around 12 packs only for £6 which is a complete bargain! My two little ones have never had any problems either even though they do have sensitive skin. My only downside to this is sometimes...
Huggies One and Done Wipes Cucumber and green tea

9 reviews

One and done, were our favorite wipes. They are thick wipes worked really good, not a strong smell. They did not break out the little one, we also kept a pack in the car to clean up spills and clean our hands and such. I just wish we could find them again. We have not been able...
Little angles extra sensitive baby wipes

2 reviews

I used these wipes on my newborn and found them gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Wipes are strong, unperfumed and moist. Leaves behind cleansed skin which is not sticky like some wipes
Mamia sensetive baby wipes

1 review

i have just changed for a high brand baby wipes to the ones i am writing a review about, fantastic, they are sensetive to babys kind, i dea for all over cleaning, have a lovley subtle smell, not to wet you got a lot in a pack and they last for a long time, they are not to...
Publix baby wipes

1 review

I tried these wipes during a week that I was trying to bring down my grocery bill. I really like them. They are every bit as good as the name brand baby wipes. They come in scented and unscented. They ate very gentle on my baby's skin.
Huggies Baby Wipes Pure

3 reviews

Huggies baby wipes are so versatile! I use them for around the house and in the car for quick & easy clean ups! Great to have on hand with little ones around. Nice soft scent, gives a feeling of clean freshness.
huggies baby wipes with aloe vera

11 reviews

So I do like to use baby wipes but I bin them after as I do not flush them which it says you should not anyway. I do not like using any other type of baby wipes as again the smell puts me off. I love using aloe Vera anyway as it is hydrating for the skin. I always use 1 wipe in...
P. C.scented baby wipes

1 review

These baby wipes are very economical to buy. They smell great and do the job very well, without having to spend a lot of money as charged for other brands.Would recommend to anyone for personal use or for babies.
Pampers® Sensitive™ Wipes

1 review

My baby hasn't had any problem with pamper wipes so far. I like the fresh scent. Great diaper wipes. Is very soft and doesn't tear easily. They are very gentle and on the skin, not on just the diaper area but all over. Great for on the go clean ups. I recommend this product.
Comforts For Baby Wipes Sensitive

1 review

This is the Kroger brand baby wipes for sensitive skin and I love them and continue to buy them every week . My baby has sensitive skin and these thick pliable wipes are unscented and do not irritate her skin at all. They clean all food and diaper mess with usually just one wipe...
Pampers Active Wet Wipes

31 reviews

Pampers active wet wipes is a good choice for all the new moms. It is super soft and easy to wipeout also. It is available in different fragrances and I love those fresh smells.
Great value baby wipes

5 reviews

The material is thicker than some other brands, giving the wipes extra softness and better effectiveness. These wipes do not tear easily. I prefer unscented wipes for sensitive baby skin, and these wipes are my first choice! Great value for the cost, highly recommend!!
Sainsburys sensitive wipes

1 review

Sainsburys own brand sensitive wipes. One of the wettest wipes around, plenty of moisture to clean the muckiest of faces. Only downside is, they are slightly smaller but I think the moisture makes up for it.
Kitkland baby wipes

1 review

I started buying these wipes at Costco when we started having grandchildren and have continued. They are effective, cost effective and so useful. I keep a pack in my vehicle so always have a wipe ready for pic nice or even wiping down the interior. As for baby wipes, they are...
Up & Up Sensitive Wipes

1 review

These wipes are definitely comparable to Pampers Sensitive wipes! Same great quality and moisture packed into every wipe but for half the price. I wish I knew about these wipes sooner but will definitely use them for my next baby.
Parents choice sented baby wipes

3 reviews

Je ne suis pas habituée d'utiliser cette marque de lingettes et je ne crois pas en devenir une adepte. Je trouve que les lingettes sont trop minces. De plus, celles sur le dessus du paquet sont trop imbibées de liquide alors qu'à l'inverse celles au fond du paquet en manquent.
Parent's Choice Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

25 reviews

I tried many wipes for my baby and i keep coming back to Parents choice. The wipes are thick and works good for pretty much everything. I am not gonna try the other wipes anymore. Good price good wipes happy baby.