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Baby Wipes Reviews

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Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Baby Wipes

104 reviews

These are the only wipes I use for my boys! the are sturdy and don't clump or dissolve when used. My boys have very sensitive skin but they have never had an allergic reaction to these wipes. Would definitely buy over and over.
Up & Up Unscented Baby Wipes 792 count

1 review

Started off using Pampers Swaddlers wipes on my newborn son. They were good but way too expensive. I decided to try Up & Up Unscented Baby Wipes from Target and was hooked since. The box comes with 9 refills and priced at $13.69. There're super soft and heavy duty for any...
Huggies Sensitive Baby Wipes

72 reviews

Better then any other brand I have tried. I enjoy using them on my little one he has a sensitive bottom so this always help and removes everything with only a few swipes of the cotton
L'il Goats Ultra Moisturizing Wipes

1 review

Description: Li’l Goats Ultra Moisturizing Wipes were created specifically for the soft, sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. Our wipes are soaked in a lotion containing fresh goat’s milk, which is a natural product that is a highly effective skin moisturizer. They are...
Kirkland Baby Wipes

518 reviews

I purchased these at Costco because they were on sale so I figures why not, lets try it. I have to say that I am not really a fan of them. I think they are dry and just so blah. I think theyre good for the price but not something I will probably buy again.
Life Brand baby wipes-non scented

5 reviews

My son had a very bad diaper rash. And the only thing that seemed to help with using baby wipes I did not have alcohol or any fragrance. I enjoy these because they’re very damp and work well and removing any mess. Highly recommend and will continue to purchase.
Huggies Soft Skin Wipes with Shea Butter

20 reviews

My favorite brand plus great smell of Shea Butter is perfect for my kids. They smell amazing and are so soft. They work very well as well. I love these!!
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

357 reviews

I have tried many different wipe brands and I think is the worst one I have had. Is it okay? Sure but I dont think its the best. I feel like they are just really sure and not moist like Pampers are. I also dont like the ribbed kind, which I know alot of people actually like.
Babyganics Cream Infused Baby Wipes

1 review

Love these baby wipes. They are super soft and thick. Like that there is a lid on the package to retain freshness and the wipes easily come out of the package without sticking to one another or ripping. They are lightly scented, soothing, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. I...
Huggies Soft Skin Shea Butter Baby Wipe Refills - 320 Count

23 reviews

These are my favourite wipes! They are great quality/ not to wet not to dry. I can literally use 1 wipe to clean my babies poopy bum. I’ve used other wipes previously and did not like that at all. These are my go to.
Pampers Baby Wipes

102 reviews

As a parent of a child with special needs who is not toilet trained we goes through a lot of wipes I like how they are strong n great quality at a great price

1 review

These are not the greatest! They are very thin and if you are changing a stinky diaper you have to double up every wipe so you don't get it everywhere.
Target Up & Up Scented Wipes

8 reviews

I used the fresh scented wipes years ago with my daughter when she was a baby & I started using them again now for my son but the cucumber scented. They smell amazing & I love the variety of scents. They work & hold up very well. They're not as thick as the name brand wipes but...
Aleva Naturals Bamboo Tooth 'n' Gum Wipes

6 reviews

I love the Aleva wipe products except this one... it just didn’t seem to do the job right... and it left a weird feeling on my finger, can only imaging what that would feel like inside the mouth. Used three times then discarded the rest
Huggies Baby Wipes

131 reviews

I have tried Huggies baby wipes a few times when they have been on offer or when I can't buy my usual brand. I think they are ok but don't highly recommend them and that's only because you don't get that many in the pack however you can sometimes buy them on offer or in a bundle...
Pampers Sensitive Wipes For Newborn

33 reviews

Love using these for my twin babies! They are durable and gentle on sensitive skin! They are quite moist and soft! love them even if they are a little more expensive than others. Will keep purchasing them for sure!
Huggies One and Done Wipes

32 reviews

Absolutely love these wipes. They are tough enough to clean up hard messes but gentle enough to use on my toddlers bottom. I never have to worry about these ripping while using.
Huggies Simply Clean Wipes

54 reviews

I have mixed reviews for this product I love it but I wish it was more wet but its perfect for the wipe warmer as I then add water but not great if on the good in my opinion
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Designer Tub

6 reviews

No chemical or ‘soapy’ smell at all. Leave my baby's bottom fresh and clean without residue. The texture if the wipe is plush and soft. The rubber membrane helps insure that only one wipe is dispensed at a time saving you frustration and money at the same tome. Excellent...
Huggies Designer Container

5 reviews

I love keeping these around the house. They don't look as ugly as a tub of wipes and they are handy for sticky hands and messy faces.