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Diaper Creams Reviews

"Smooth as a baby's bottom", they say.  When your little one is suffering from uncomfortable diaper rash, you do not appreciate the reference.  But Baby's skin is temperamental and what works well for your mother-of-4 supermommy cousin might not be a fit for your tender tyke.  Search for a multipurpose balm that soothes irritation while healing; pick a simpler cream or petroleum jelly (eg. Vaseline) for prevention.

Our Tip: not every baby's bottom responds well to the moisture of a cream on irritated skin.  If you're struggling to get Baby's rash under control, try alternating cream treatments with a cornstarch-based baby powder to keep her dry.

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CeraVe Bébé Diaper Rash Cream

611 reviews

I did try a lot diaper rash cream to my newborn baby but just this one resolved us problem! Finally my childs skin is not damaged any more , I love this product!

345 reviews

I found out about this cream at a baby show and even after my son has grown up I still keep this in the house. Its even good for adults to use as well. I will always recommend this cream over anything else on the market
Vaseline Baby Petroleum Jelly

309 reviews

I used this after every diaper change on my kids & grandkids. Not once have any of them suffered with a diaper rash. This product is great at preventing diaper rashes.
PENATEN Original Medicated Cream

247 reviews

Quality diaper rash cream for babies. A little cream goes a long way because it is so thick, so you know it coats the bum effectively. One tub will last a long time as you don't need a lot and it heals the rash as soon as it is applied.
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream

105 reviews

This stuff is great for sensitive skin! We really love it. Its not greasy and its gentle. I love the natural ingredients, too. I would definitely recommend this product!
Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Cream

65 reviews

This has been my gold standard diaper cream for the last 14 years and I’ve used it on four babies. Most often, rashes disappear overnight with one application. Best product out there!
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

60 reviews

This product is the best. A friend suggested we try it for some dry skin my toddler had. Works like a charm! My favorite product for scraps, dry hands, dry heels, lips. Etc does the trick.
Zincofax Original Diaper Cream

61 reviews

My daughter has very sensitive skin. Her rashed were at one point out of control until I finally tried Zincofax. It worked instantaneously, it's crazy. I use daily and wouldn't think twice of changing products.
Bepanthen Nappy Cream

19 reviews

This product works really well for babies to children but no even just that, i heard a rumour about using it for acne and very dry skin in adults. So yes i tested it and i am very pleased to say my redness has gone down alot! And i suffer with less acne too! Hugely Impressed...
Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

65 reviews

This is the best and only diaper ointment that you need for your little one. I have used extra strength, as well as the aloe one and both work amazingly. Also keeps baby’s bootie moisturized

6 reviews

My little one got a little sore tried various other brands for nappy rash not one of them made any improvement. Bought metanium and within hours redness had gone down and little one was more comfortable. I'll definitely recommend this to anyone whose child gets nappy rash or...

3 reviews

Great product! Received this in the Emma’s diary pack as a sample and has been using it on my little one’s bottom since day one. Great smooth texture, suitable for sensitive skin
Parents Choice Diaper Rash Cream

30 reviews

This diaper rash cream works very well. It is very affordable and can be compared to most higher priced brands. It’s a white cream so be careful it does tend to stick Because it is a little thick.
Child’s farm nappy cream

1 review

Absolutely love this!! This has to be the best nappy cream going! I have been using it on my 16 week old little girl, daily! It has completely prevented nappy rash and has kept my little one very soft! She has very sensitive skin and this did not hurt her at all, she didn’t...
President's Choice Diaper Rash Cream

4 reviews

This diaper cream is the thick, white cream. Amazing price for a very large container. We use it on our baby once when we see any sign of diaper rash and that's all we need to do. It goes away so fast. Even when he has had a pretty bad diaper rash, this cream works so quickly...
Curad petroleum jelly

1 review

This is most amazing skin protect for baby rush at first time that you use work like magic really love keep my baby skin soft and smooth you can see water proof work for long time really really recommend this is most use in the hospitals to cure.
Equate Diaper Rash Cream

1 review

While I was lucky enough that my son didn’t need diaper cream much, I recently was very glad to have Equate (Walmart brand) Diaper Rash Cream on hand. With the summer heat & myself being a bigger girl, there were areas on me that needed TLC. This Diaper Cream soothed my...
Dublin herbalists baby balm

1 review

This balm was suggested to me by the company founder who we met on holiday it literally fixes any skin issues throughout the household not just babies for example we use it for prickly heat and it's an absolute god send also used for eczema, acne, dry skin, small cuts and grazes...

22 reviews

This Butt Paste (red kind) had the most active ingredient (40% zinc oxide)! It also had the least number of total ingredients. It was by luck that I found it. This is all we use on our baby girl. If baby is a little red, we apply to her butt and bits and she isn’t red the...
Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream

1 review

This is the best diaper rash cream hands down. I use this on my kiddos when we are cloth diapering as it is one of the only options that does not mess with my cloth diapers. A lot of the other creams will completely destroy cloth diapers. It works on our daughter in a matter of...