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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Flash Speedmop

33 reviews

I got this mop without buying it, my sister in law got 2 and offered me one. I had no idea about it before so didn't know the price either. I must say it's a life saver for me. Since my son started eating solids my kitchen floor is constantly covered in food and this mop is the...
Lysol Wipes in Spring Waterfall Scent

57 reviews

It smells fresh and clean. Not expansive but really useful. I can clean wherever I want. Keep your home home clean is most important during pandemic. I will buy a few box and keep at home.
Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner - Free & Clear

34 reviews

Natural cleaning products are very important for the environment but also for keeping surfaces chemical free for my dogs! I clean windows in my house and car with this, seeing as their noses are always on them
Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner - Sparkling Seaside

33 reviews

As a first-time parent I searched high and low for the highest quality products to take better care of myself and my family. The glass cleaner leaves absolutely no painful streaks. Seventh Generation provides high-quality, chemical-free products that I feel proud and safe to...
Method All-Purpose Cleaner in Pink Grapefruit

71 reviews

This cleaner has a really nice scent and I look forward to cleaning just so I can smell it again. The only issue I have is that it’s not as effective as other multi surface cleaners I’ve used. Sometimes you need a little more elbow grease.
Swiffer Sweeper Dry & Wet Mop

66 reviews

The wet mop is such a great product. You just need one the wet cloth for a one bedroom. it works like magic and also smells very great. you can feel the housing very clean.
Snuggle Scent Boosters

79 reviews

I love these! They have a wonderful long lasting scent that removes odors as well.These are now a must-have in my laundry. My clothes now smell spring fresh and sheets like they're fresh off the line.
Mrs Meyer's Cleaning Products

33 reviews

I received this product free to try and have tried several of the Mrs. Meyers products before and was satisfied. It has a nice light lemon scent that is not the typical overpowering lemon disinfectant scent that many similar products have. It leaves a nice streak free shine on...
Seventh Generation Granite Cleaner - Mandarin Orchard

28 reviews

As a first-time parent I searched high and low for the highest quality products to take better care of myself and my family. Seventh Generation provides high-quality, chemical-free products that I feel proud and safe to use. I know that I can trust this brand and it's...
Seventh Generation Wood Cleaner - Lemon Garden

28 reviews

I was both impressed and surprised that this natural wood cleaner works as well as my own brand. I personally prefer a wood ‘polish’, but the great thing about this cleaner is that it’s basically multi-purpose. While it’s listed for wood, it can be used on so many...
Gain Flings in Moonlight Breeze

56 reviews

First of all they need to be taking off the market based on the context that YouTube people decide any children were influenced by these videos ingest pots we already had to worry about young little children now will bring the boat the young adults
Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner

55 reviews

Love this for when I have to mop the floors. I mix a little bit of it with a bucket of hot water and it leaves the floors clean, shiny and smelling like a lavender garden. And it's reasonably priced too.
Gain Cold Water Detergent

32 reviews

This is amazing detergent. I have been using this since past 5 years and I absolutely love it. It make my laundry smell amazing and fresh. I recommend this product
Murphy's Oil Soap

59 reviews

Murphy’s Oil Soap is made for cleaning wood and it does an amazing job at what it is supposed to do but it also has a hidden laundry talent. My husband works in building maintenance and is constantly getting stains on his clothes that are hard to remove like oils and oil based...
tide clean and fresh laundry detergent

42 reviews

I have tried others. But Tide is the best. It cleans my clothes and leaves them smelling so fresh. If you haven’t tried it please try it now. I promise you will not be disappointed at all.
Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths with Febreze

79 reviews

I absolutely love using a swiffer and the febreze infused wet cloths. It's so simple to use but also so affective. You just can't beat the smell. My home smells amazing afterwards.
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner - Green Apple

27 reviews

Lysol is my favourite cleaning product to desinfect. I really like the scent of green apple, It leaves surfaces smelling very clean. It is a very useful product
Tide Pods Laundry Detergent Spring Meadow

45 reviews

Let me tell you that I love the cute packaging these pods came in, this large, round, orange container. I love that the lid is child-proof, safety is so important when housing cleaners and detergents in the home. I would say that I have a very busy lifestyle with work and family...
Microban 24 Hour multi-purpose cleaner & disinfectant spray

13 reviews

I first tried the Microban aerosol spray when the covid pandemic first started and I have to say I immediately loved it. I have three children at home so I think it is extremely important to find products tha kill germs, microban does just that. It easy to use and the best part...
mr clean xtra durable magic erasers

15 reviews

These are amazing Doesn’t take a lot of scrubbing Great for cleaning the bathroom makes cleaning easier and way less time and energy then using spray and a cloth or scrub brush