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Mouthwashes and Rinses Reviews

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3d crest white mouth wash

2 reviews

I love all of crests products . But this is by far one of my favourites! It keeps my teeth staying pearly White and keeps the nitty gritty off my teeth. Deff recommend !
Listerine Multi Benefit Mouthwash

2 reviews

I use this mouthwash prior to brushing each night and I find it has a lot lee of a "burn" than other listerine products I have used and works well. A bit pricey though.
compliments aniseptic mouthwash 1 litre

2 reviews

The mouth wash is awesome quality, keeps your mouth feeling fresh, Its not overly expensive . Its the same as crest mouthwash , Couldn't have asked for anything better
Act Advanced Care Mouthwash

2 reviews

I ordered this mouthwash through Amazon. It cost me exactly $18.64. At that price point, I was hoping for miracles, or at least gold plated teeth. The good * No alcohol burn * Sweet - incredibly so, if you like that sort of thing * Sometimes all the loose skin cells in your...
Life brand mouthwash citrus

1 review

Doesn't burn, not too citrusy. Mouth feels clean.
Rexall Winter Mint Mouthwash

1 review

I bought this mouthwash because it was on sale, and I typically buy Mint mouthwashes so figured that I would be safe. Wrong! If you want to feel what it's like to have your mouth on fire, then buy this! But if you're not a fan of feeling all kinds of pain when doing your oral...
Scope Dual Blast Mouthwash

8 reviews

I love the way my teeth and whole mouth feel after using this toothpaste. My teeth look whiter and It tastes great too. I definitely recommend this product to everyone.
Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Mouthwash

3 reviews

I'm very picky about my mouthwash because I have very sensitive gums. This month while she's cool and refreshing but with no alcohol it's great for someone with sensitive teeth mouth dryness
Hello Mouthwash

2 reviews

I am loving the taste and the fact that this mouthwash is all natural. I purchased the grapefruit and the original, and been using it for months
Listerine Antiseptic Advanced Mouthwash

14 reviews

This is great for impacted wisdom teeth or just general daily use. I use it a few times a week and it makes me feel fresh and happy. My teeth love it. I buy it all the time.
Scope White Mouthwash in Mint Splash

9 reviews

Been using this every since I got my braces off and it’s helped whiten and even out the coloration of my teeth. I usually use it once a day, before going to bed, so I don’t have to wait too long before eating food.
Colgate Optic White Mouthwash

18 reviews

I like this product! I mean you wouldn’t be to tell the difference with one use but you’ll be able to see the results after using it sever times! I like the smell by the way.
hello seriously friendly mouthwash in pink grapefruit mint

1 review

I would recommend this product for people who are sensitive to strong mouthwashes. It has a lighter, sweeter flavour that still left my mouth feeling refreshed. Quite enjoyable! As far as effectiveness, I cannot comment on whether my oral health got better or worse while using...
Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash

6 reviews

Tom's of Maine cleansing mouthwash is a fresh burst to the mouth! It provides a thorough cleansing and keeps my mouth fresh for a long time. It has been extremely efficient and would recommend this product to anyone. It has a great smooth taste that lingers but isn't annoying. I...
Crest Pro-Health For Me Mouthwash

5 reviews

I am not fond of the taste of this mouthwash. I did like the fresh clean feeling and it lasted for most of the day. The price wasnt too bad i would probably only buy this on sale.
Listerine Fluoride Antiseptic Mouthwash

3 reviews

The only mouthwash we buy. Our dentist recommends fluoride and it is one of the few brands that has fluoride. Also works well to shorten a cold by gargling with this.
Act Restoring Mouthwash Cool Splash Vanilla Mint

1 review

I started using this product at the recommendation of my dentist. I started with the cool splash mint flavor, but found that to have too much of an alcohol taste. I like the vanilla mint much better, but I would not say the taste is great. I do however, like how the product...