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Oral Care Reviews

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Crest Pro-Health Sensitive

9 reviews

I had been having some tooth pain and one if my co-workers suggested I try this toothpaste. Well, thankfully it was on sale and it prompted me to try it. The added pain reliever worked immediately and after about a week my pain had been drastically reduced to nearly nothing...
Hello Breath Spray

1 review

I just bought this the other day! It tastes really great, and leaves my breath fresh for hours. It's cute and fits perfectly in even my smallest bags.
GUM Soft Picks

19 reviews

I love this product! It's the best invention ever. I have only just started using them a couple of months ago. I don't leave home without them, I found a package with a small travel case for my purse. Love it!
Listerine Smart Rinse Mouthwash

16 reviews

My neice and nephew love it. I will definitely be getting it for them for home too. They live the colors and graphics on the bottles and they say how clean their mouth feels. I'm very pleased with it.
GUM® ButlerWeave® 200 Yd. Dental Floss, Mint, Waxed

17 reviews

We typically buy GUM Butler weave floss. It works pretty well and you get a good value for your money. My biggest issue is that sometimes it shreds easily or gets stuck. I love the mint flavor though and the thickness of the floss. Leaves my mouth feeling clean
Steel Tongue Cleaner Scraper

3 reviews

I first heard about steel tongue cleaner/scrapers from my hair dresser. I thought it was a really weird thing to do, until I tried it. Using this scraping tool removes so much residue from your tongue, and makes your mouth feel extremely clean and helps with bad breath! They run...
Life Brand dental picks

1 review

I love these little white picks. They re about the size of a toothpick, and have a tiny brush on one end, and a little knife shaped, serrated pick on the other. They come in packs of 100, in a little case, and are very effective at fitting between my close teeth...far more...
aquafresh kidzmint

1 review

My daughter started using this when baby fruity toothpaste wasn't enough anymore, and she needed a little 'fresh breath' boost, but she was still a little young for adult toothpaste. She loves it, and it does a great job cleaning her teeth and making her breath smell good too!
Listerine Pre-Brush Treatment

7 reviews

This stuff is amazing. I was so skeptical when i first started using it, but now I am in love. You use this before you brush your teeth , as soon as you start to swoosh it around it starts to foam in your mount , you rinse for a few minutes, spit it out and continue on with...
Listerine PocketPaks

50 reviews

LISTERINE® PocketPaks are great to use on the go. I have a busy job that requires a lot of transportation to meet customers and business partners. I found this LISTERINE® PocketPaks are amazing to keep in the pocket. They help to keep my breath fresh and clean. I feel more...
the Doctor's Brush Picks

1 review

perfect for when ur on the run! can't be w/o
Arm & Hammer Pro Sensitive Effective Relief Multi-Protection Gel Tooth Paste With Orajel

15 reviews

When I switched my toothpaste I wanted something more natural to help with my sensitive teeth. I find the taste of Arm & Hammer less harsh than most toothpaste. Ive also noticed my teeth have even gotten whiter in the process!!!
Liquid Orajel

6 reviews

I have used the liquid when a tooth has been giving me havoc and honestly the pain disappears after a couple of drops when applied to affected site. It is worthwhile keeping it around.
Fresh Guard

1 review

FRESH GUARD cleans removable braces very well. It leaves it feeling very clean , There is no bad after taste. takes about 5 minutes . The cloth is good for quick clean up and thats very convenient.
Colgate MaxFresh With Mini Breath Strips

5 reviews

I have used this toothpaste for years now. I love it so much I found myself swallowing it after brushing, for the flavour ( I was pregnant at the time and it was definately my weird craving) I have tried others but always go back
Crest Glide Floss Picks

1 review

I really like these and find them easier to use than the regular string floss. The name says it all, they easily glide in between teeth even those really tight spots and never break!! only thing is I find them a little pricey and sometimes hard to find.
Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment

2 reviews

One of my little brothers is prone to getting cold sores. I usually bought different medicines to give him, but they took forever to work. I came across this at the drugstore and got it. He tried it, but was skeptical about it being a 1 time use item. It cleared that nasty cold...
Rince-bouche Crest Pro-Sante

6 reviews

toujours celui que j'achète et utilise. Côté qualité prix quand il est en spécial j'ai rien a dire haha. j'aime la fraîcheur , il n'est pas trop fort et il blanchit les dents.
Poligrip Strong Hold

4 reviews

Poligrip Strong Hold is the best denture adhesive I have tried!! It seals out most food particles and keeps dentures in place for hours! I love that it is easy to clean off and reapply when you are on the go!!
Crest Pro Health Clinical Gum Protection

27 reviews

Moi j’ai un bon problème de saignement de gencives, mon problème est considerablement réduit quand j’utilise ce produit tous les jours. Je ne veux plus utiliser d’autre dentifrice