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Oral Care Reviews

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Sunstar GUM EasyThread Floss

1 review

My friend gave this to me when I complained about having trouble flossing with braces on now that I didn't have a threader to use. I was pretty amazed with it since it comes built in with its own threader - but better, since you don't have to loop the floss through it you just...
Oral-B Pro-Health Pulsar Toothbrush

2 reviews

My dentist advised me to start using a electric toothbrush rather than a manual. I didn't want to spend $100+ and buying fancy replacement heads. Have another piece of equipment to carry during a trip. This little thing is ran on an AA battery which makes "charging" real...

13 reviews

I did enjoy this floss, I liked the minty flavour but I personally like to use the tape like floss as I feel it does a better cleaning job then the thinner string like ones which this one was. Right not I have a lotif I do in the future I think I would prefer to buy a thicker...
Lush Atomic

1 review

At first the taste is a little harsh (it's spicy and tastes more the clove) but after a while of use I begin to get used to it. I feel always clean! What I don't like is the instructions says to dab into the pot, I prefer to take with a little spoon the powder and apply on my...
Listerine PocketMist Cool Mint

28 reviews

Pocket mist is the best ! Even though I brush my teeth everyday , I find halfway through work I need a little freshen up and these do the trick! U just need a little and your mouth tastes and feels great. Perfect if your on the go or didn't have your toothbrush with you!
Green Beaver Sensitive Toothpaste

3 reviews

husband loves it and works great on his sensitive teeth awesome fluoride free option for those with good teeth. good flavor nice that the kids can use it as well
Listerine Total Care Dental Floss

9 reviews

My dental hygienist gave me a sample of this floss and I fell in love. This Christmas I purchased 8 of them as stocking suffers for my family. This is hands down the best floss. It glides easily in between teeth because of it's ribbon shape and light stretch ,it is slightly...
Sunstar Gum Advanced Care Flossers with Vitamin E & Fluoride

1 review

This floss is easy to use and is scented with mint. It is easy to grip as well. The dental floss itself can wear if you have sharp teeth though after using it 2-3 times, so for one flossing session you may need to discard and use 4-5 flosses.
3D Crest White polishing treatment "Brilliance Boost"

1 review

I use this polish once daily after brushing at night. Within 4 days of using it I noticed my teeth were whiter and more shiny. I began getting compliments from people asking if I'd been "whitening". The great thing about this polish is that unlike whitening strips it is gentle...
Desert Essence Toothpaste (Tea Tree Oil & Neem)

1 review

I really like this all natural toothpaste not too mention its fluoride free! Its essential too buy a flouride free toothpaste when you are dealing with auto-immune conditions like myself. I like how the toothpaste foams so nicely in your mouth so little goes along way with this...
Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser, WF-03, White

3 reviews

Bought this at my dentist’s urging. He claimed that this would make a difference and better than flossing What a wonderful difference it made. I use it at least 2 times a day and getting great results when I go to my dentist Most important is that my gums are healthier now
Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Baby

5 reviews

I think Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Baby Toothbrushes are perfect ! I buy them for my son . He loves having a superhero on his. He's got Spider-Man and a Tigger one, I think the cute picture of a character on a child's tooth brush is a wonderful idea to keep there interest...
Gum Proxabrush Go-Betweens

8 reviews

J'aurais économisé beaucoup d'argent et de temps si ces petites brosses GUM avaient été sur le marché il y a bien longtemps. Mes gencives seraient en meilleur état. Les nettoyages de parodoncies et l'utilisation avec fréquence des brosses GUM font une grande différence...

6 reviews

Biotene ,il ma été conseiller par un pharmacien; les médicaments que je prend donne la bouche très sec et un peu sensible .Oui ça fonctionne sur le coup mais dans mon cas pour moi ça dure pas longtemps .Très bon goût ,délicat pour ceux qui on la bouche sensible .Je...
Oral-B Pro-Health Compact Clean toothbrush

6 reviews

I have sensitive gums and most brushes with hard brissles will make my gums bleed a little. These are very nice and you can tell the difference between the clean that these give and the cheaper brushes. If you're like me though, I'd suggest trying to find the soft version.
Oral-b Pro 6000 Smart Series Rechargeable toothbrushble

1 review

This toothbrush is just awesome!! it has five different setting from deep cleaning to soft cleaning to remove plaque along the gum line it is also Bluetooth Smart .In the box you will find a charger.brush head,refill stand and a travel case .The fist time i used it i was...
Sunstar GUM Professional Clean Flossers

23 reviews

Super easy to use, anywhere, anytime. I have them in my vehicle, purse, office, and at home. My dentist has noticed a huge improvement with my children's teeth since they have been using these. Highly recommend buying as a couple of dollars makes a difference on your dental...
Packers right Angle easy flossing

4 reviews

I love these flossers. They are so much easier to use than traditional dental floss. They are easier to use and hold onto and there isn't as much wastage as there is with floss that comes on a roll. These are also great for travelling.
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss

62 reviews

This is the best floss on the market. It’s just as the name says. Glides along the teeth. Not as rough as some of the other brands. Wouldn’t use anything else.
Oral Analgesic Gel

6 reviews

This product truly works just like the advertising says! Definitely would one hundred percent recommend this product to everyone! A definite must have in every household