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Pain Relief Reviews

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Kalaya Naturals Pain Relief 6x

17 reviews

This is the only pain rub that helps take the edge off of my chronic pain! It smells so great that it opens up your airways! They have a massager tube that has roller balls on the end of it to massage the pain rub into your muscles! I absolutely love it!
Love CBD Balm

1 review

As a sufferer of fibromyalgia I get a wide variety of symptoms especially pain and itchy skin. At £30 a pot I was willing to try CBD to see if it helps either or both. The pot is small, smells of cannabis but is Vaseline like in texture so goes a long way. For pain relief, for...
Lakota Diabetic Foot Pain Cream

1 review

Neuropathy has caused pain in our feet to affect sleep for both my husband and I. Lakota Diabetic Pain Relief Cream rubbed into the soles of our feet before bed let’s us get to sleep.
Thermapulse Relief Vibrating Massage Wrap

1 review

It's wonderful. I love it... Covers all the area of pain in the neck and back.. The massage vibration is fabulous...Much larger heating pad...It's a must try
Badger tension soother

1 review

The smell is great. It works well as a tension soother for the neck and shoulders. It can be a bit greasy or sticky but does work well and process relief with no medication required.
Tylenol Nightime Extra Strength Sleep Aid & Pain Reliever

24 reviews

I have always hated when you use a night aid and you wake up groggy and on edge, not with tylenol nighttime. I always sleep well and feel refreshed at the same time

1 review

I have suffered from migraines for years now and nothing has helped until my doctor introduced me to Cambia. It is quite pricey but it completely takes away the beginning sensation of my migraines and if it has already started, it is gone in 15 minutes. WORTH THE PRICE!!!

26 reviews

After trial and error, this is the only product that will actually help me through period cramps! It actually gets me out of bed and lets me live my life! It is a little pricey but totally worth is. I also use this product when I have a migraine and it provides relief. Thank you...
Deep Heat Patches

2 reviews

i love this product i always carry a spare in my handbag if i need it. YOu stick it to the area where you have pain and it starts to heat and it works wonders. Good value great pain aid i love it

1 review

Topricin has helped my entire family with every toddler bump, carpal tunnel, sports injuries and my husband's work worn body. This amazing topical homeopathic cream reduces bruising and swelling in minutes. It calms the tingling and burning from my carpal tunnel. We are never...
Cepacol Instamax Sore throat Lozenges

3 reviews

I had a sore throat and tried everything and nothing would work. I picked this up as my last option and loved it.. I finally had relief.. I will continue to pick this stuff up anytime I have a sore throat..
Motrin MOTRIMAX™ 12 Hour Liquid Gels

22 reviews

I use it regularly before bed for muscle and back aches. It aids in me getting a great sleep and being pain free and refreshed in the morning. I have used it after long days of skiing or hiking and it works great!

1 review

Creme pour douleur musculaire qui aide reelllement pour physio.Vraiment pas cher pour la quantite. 100g 10 ou 40017$ De plus l’hiver nari e debloquer garantie
Piroxicam 0.5 gel

1 review

This is the latest pain relief gel I’ve used. It can be got from a gp or bought over the counter. It’s price is well worth it considering the price. Only problem is it leaves a slight yellow tinge to the skin but I find that ok as it relieves the pain well for me
Deep Freeze Patches

1 review

I love deep freeze products. They are so effective in helping my back pain during pregnancy. I used to always turn to heat to help my pain and then I found the deep freeze gel some months ago, when I was struggling with my back pain in this pregnancy, where heat is not...
Tylenol Back Pain Medication

4 reviews

I work a very physical job, and this product worked effectively and within 15 minutes of taking it I was feeling the effects. Lasted about six hours and didn’t cause me to get an ya part stomach like some do.
CBD Daily

5 reviews

I personally believe this product would work wonderful for others but it did not work for me at all . I found that it was very dry and didn’t have a smooth consistency

1 review

I was prescribed Robaxin to help with my sciatica pain. This medication is a little expensive 50$ for 50 pills but it did work for my pain. The directions were easy to follow. I strongly suggest taking time off when taking this medication as it does cause drowsiness and light...
Absorbine Extra- Strength Patch

3 reviews

These patches are great and work almost immediately. I found these at the local dollar store which was a pleasant surprise because typically anywhere else relief pads are quite costly. The package comes with two patches for use I recommend stretching them out as directions state...
Tylenol Extra Strength Coated Tablets

3 reviews

I like these tablets, they make a great addition to Tylenol brand although i do not currently take them. I tried these last year and they are definitely gentler on the stomach because of the coating.