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Pain Relief Reviews

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Exact Calcium Antacid

1 review

This product is almost as good at Tums at relieving acid indigestion. It tastes good and works almost as well as Tums does. It is quite a bit cheaper and does the job that it is supposed to do.
Motion Medicine Topical Remedy

1 review

Bought at Shoppers Drug Mart Health Store. Glides on smooth, starts working immediately, easy to apply. Nice smell, no perfumes, doesn't bother my sensitive skin. Skin absorbs it quickly and stays working for more than 4-5 hours! Better than all other pain relievers on the...
Webber Naturals magnesium 500mg

2 reviews

My family physician recommend magnesium along with a few other items for sleepless nights and restless legs (RLS). I buy the Webber brand because not only are they a higher dosage than other brands, they are effective, are also affordable and a known reputable brand. For months...
Young living Panaway

4 reviews

I received my Panaway in my YL starter kit. I love this oil blend. It works great for aches and pains, and can use it without a carrier oil as well. It has a pleasant smell, and offers deep, cooling relief. It is pricy so generally I won’t diffuse this oil but when it’s...
Advil PM Caplets

8 reviews

I am a CNA and work long shifts. When I come home at night I take the Advil PM and it eases my pains and helps me sleep. I like that I don't wake up with a cloudy head or anything too ..

2 reviews

Love this Magic bag. Works well on lower back pain or neck tension. On a cold night warm it up and it warms up your bed too. I recommend the magic bag to everyone. I would purchase again .
TYLENOL Extra Strength 500mg EZTABS

46 reviews

I suffer from headaches and muscle pain and this has helped with paint management. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs pain taken care of.
Salonpas Patches

10 reviews

These little patches are phenomenal and are incredibly affordable. I always keep a pack of them in my purse as I am often in pain due to my Fibromyalgia. They help relieve pain & prevent stiffness which in turn helps prevent further injury. They've been a blessing for the past...
Moor Spa Tension Balm

1 review

I was introduced to this amazing product during a massage at a spa. I had been suffering migraines and it was so effective I was happy to find that it was offered for sale to take home. It is 100% natural and contains feverfew, linden, oil of peppermint, melissa, evening...
Tylenol Extra Strength 100 caplets

2 reviews

Tylenol is always something I keep in the house and in my purse. I am allergic to ibuprofen and all NSAIDs, but I’m lucky to have Tylenol extra strength for my store body and muscle aches. I don’t find it gives any pain relief for my headaches but that is mostly just me...
Kinetic panel

1 review

I got this thumb stabilizer to help with my tendonitis and it works really well! Comfortable, breaths well, material is nice not itchy! Has great support to help with pain relief! Will fit any size hand! A bit pricey but you cant put a price on pain relief !
Matter: Outdoors Heat Rub

1 review

I first tried this years ago. Let me explain... I have fibromyalgia with, at times, heavy duty chronic muscle & nerve pain, after a serious horse riding accident, years ago, where I damaged my shoulder, neck & was knocked unconscious. Not many topical pain creams even make a...
tylenol back pain pills

2 reviews

This pain killler is so effective in relieving my back pain. I get back pain off and on and when i use it i feel reallg better. Its results are satisfying.
Absorbing junior

1 review

I tried many pain relieving creams and ointments for my neck muscle pain. Nothing worked! My mom recommended Absorbing Junior and it worked amazing! The one I tried was like a roll on so it doesn't go all over the place.
Halls kids

7 reviews

Purchased these at Wal-Mart there great tasting and eased the sore dry throat.Good for,price as well, and taste great we got strawberry and the orange flavoured ones,come in package and individually wrapped up.
Sambucol Black Elderberry  Chew Tablets

2 reviews

It tasted pretty good but it left an after smell on your breath that was awful. But it worked pretty well and my girls seemed to be better while taking it.
Kirkland Muscle and Back Pain Relief

13 reviews

This was a great product I bought it for a very sore neck and shoulders. I was not sure it would be as good as the name brand but it work just as well or better highly recommend
Maximum strength orajel

11 reviews

This orajel maximum pain relief gel is a product i keep at all times. The past couple of years I've had alot of problems with my teeth and getting BAD TOOTHACHES Is a common thing for me ,but this gel can make my toothache go away it works GREAT !
Neocitran extra strength total cold night honey lemon flavour

5 reviews

This is effective when you feel a cold coming on. Take it before bed for a great sleep. Relieves cold symptoms with medical ingredients. Easy to make and comforting taste. My family always keeps this stocked in the cupboards.

1 review

If you've never dealt with a twitchy bladder, I hope you don't ever. But if you do, this product work. It's for a problem called Acid Bladder, which is similar to re flux only in the sense as it's a problem caused by acid in your diet. You can't buy these in Canada, but you...