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Topical Treatment Reviews

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Voltaren Emulgel

361 reviews

I tried this Voltaren Emugel as a sample that I received in the mail. I tried it as I would try anything to numb my pain in my hands. The product was not bad smelling but I didn't give me the effectiveness that I was looking for in a product. I had to reapply to just get a...
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula

220 reviews

Having kids you tend to get a lot of cuts and scrapes and this ointment is hands down the best! It works fast and heals there cuts and scrapes. I’ve never had a complain about it burning or hurting them when applied.
Voltaren Emulgel® Extra Strength

69 reviews

My partner tried this Voltaren gel for releaf of an ache in his knee and he says it does work. He likes to put it on at night before bed. This gel does help him rest with his sore Arthritis knee. He now uses it every night.
Voltaren Emulgel Back and Muscle

13 reviews

For localized back pain, this is my go-to. The biggest drawback is that it's a bit expensive but I usually buy it on sale. It doesn't have an unpleasant smell and unlike other topical creams/ointments I've tried, it doesn't feel like my skin is burning off! It actually just...
J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Vapor Rub

1 review

I was introduced to this product by my mother-in-law. She gave it to me when I had a really bad cold and couldn’t sleep due to being congested. It worked like a dream to help clear the congestion and allow me to sleep. My entire family uses this product when we are sick...
J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Bath Soak

1 review

This is an amazing product. I pour some in my sons bath when he is sick and congestion to help relive some of it. It really helps to clear him up. I follow it with a rub of the vapor cream and he is good for the night!
Rub A535 Regular Strength Heating Cream

19 reviews

I have found myself using this product for most of my aches and pains. The immediate heating effect makes muscles start to feel better right away. I don't even mind the smell.
Rub A535 Extra Strength Cream

37 reviews

I love the Extra Strength Rub A535! I've used other products, but this is the best ! It help to lesson muscle pain in the shoulders, knees and back. It doesn't stain your sheets or clothing. It dies have a bit of a strong smell. But that doesn't bother me as it WORKS!
Rub A535 Arnica Gel Cream Maximum Strength

1 review

I have knee pain and i have tried other arnica products - this is the first one that is widely available that works. It does have a little bit of an odd smell, but it fades fairly quickly. It works almost instantly, and I wouldn't go without it in my first-aid kit.
Rub A535 Dual Action

10 reviews

I have pretty bad chronic pain and this helps relax some of the muscles that get tensed up from it. It doesn't help a lot, but it's one tool that I use to help keep the pain under a bit of control.
Rub a535 antiphlogistine sport

4 reviews

This stuff works decently well for the price. It takes a but after applying before you can feel it activate, but once it does, there is a nice tingly warmth to it.
Rub A535 Arnica Gel Cream

10 reviews

I'm a klutz so I'm always getting bruised. This cream is very effective in speeding up the healing time of most bruises. Although it's not as effective on contusions.
Rub A535 Ice Spray

2 reviews

This is a very fast acting product and makes you feel better by reducing the pain. It is a must have in your medicine cabinet