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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Life Brand Vitamin D

5 reviews

We take vitamin D every day from September to March so I like to have a good supply on hand. I trust all Life Brand supplements and have several types for various ailments. They're easy to swallow and there is no unpleasant aftertaste.
Materna Prenatal Supplement

44 reviews

I have been using this for the duration of my pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It was recommended by my doctor and I feel confident it gives my baby all the extra nutrition he needs for growth

6 reviews

This is delicious! It doesn't have a chalky taste like others. I just add it to my water! I also like that there are so many benefits to taking this! It increases metabolism, elevates the mood, immune booster, improves sleep, balances hormones, reduces stress, and provides...
One-A-Day Women

2 reviews

This multi vitamin is great. It has everything I need to remain healthy and is easy to take, just once a day! My hair, skin and nails are definitely not complaining and I’m sure my insides are happy too! Lol
Kirkland Formule Multivitamines

3 reviews

have been using the senior formula for 8 yrs only because we do not always eat right
Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder

29 reviews

I never realized the importance of magnesium or it's key roles until recently, when I received a couple of free samples from Natural Calm #trynatural. Many of us don't get enough of this substance in our diet and therefore should really take a supplement. Increasing intake alone...
Jamieson™ Time Release Vitamin C 1000 mg 4-pack

1 review

Their Description: Jamieson™ Time Release Vitamin C 1000 mg is a unique micro-encapsulation formula that provides the gradual release of Vitamin C over six to eight hours. This formula contains lemon bioflavanoids that work synergistically with Vitamin C to maintain the...
Jamieson™ Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D 4-pack

3 reviews

These are great. I use them to avoid leg spasms that I used to have caused by lack of calcium. Since taking these, they have gone away completely. Love!
Jamieson™ Vitamin E 400 IU 3-pack

2 reviews

I love this product! I use it to help keep my hair strong and help it grow as well as a supplement. It works great in both ways
Ester-C®  Chewable Tablets  250 mg

4 reviews

These actually wernt to shabby! I decided to try ester c once winter hit and for the first time in my entire life I didnt have a cold all winter! I usually get at least 3 super bad ones throught the season so it was pretty phenominal for me to get none. The only thing i changed...
Jamieson Vitamin C Tablets

21 reviews

Highly recommended using this product. It is reliable and priced right. It provides the vitamins one needs and the variation you may be looking for like dissolvable.
Opti-women multivitamin

2 reviews

Searched for a long time to find a multi-vitamin that suited me, and that I liked. There are some great ingredients and I haven't found a multi-vitamin that compares to these. They also have an Opti-Men version with different ingredients suited towards men. I buy both, for...
Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Capsules

4 reviews

This is a very good vitamin for a great price. Highly recommend it. quite expensive
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

83 reviews

Flavourful and yummy! I take every morning been taking now for over a year and I can say this helps with any gut issues, healthy nails and skin as well. My go to vitamin that’s for sure!
Ironkids gummies

8 reviews

My siblings were recommended this product as the capsules were harder to swallow. They love this brand and that they have included gummies. Great source of omega 3 too
Adult Essentials Gummies

22 reviews

These vitamins are like a treat everyday. I don't always remember to take vitamins and since this is a gummy and tastes delicious, I look forward to it everyday.

4 reviews

I have been using this product daily for 7 months. My hair stylist has noticed a change in my hair. My friends and family tell me my skin looks rejuvenated, and my nails are so healthy. I will use it for life.
Omega 3

7 reviews

Omega Complet extra fort de Jamieson est sans arrière-goût de poisson. Il est vendu en format de 125 gélules. Il est facile à avaler. Il me procure mes omega 3 dont j'ai besoin car je ne mange pas de poisson.
Jamieson Vitamin E Oil

7 reviews

I usually get this from Shoppers Drug Mart. At times they have it on sale for about $12. It's a great alternative for the face instead of a moisturizer since it's all natural. It helps in reducing dark spots, wrinkles and any acne scars. Also tones and brightens the skin really...
weight smart one a day

3 reviews

I tried Womens Weight Smart One A Day as it was on sale and have used it for quite awhile with exercise to control my weight It works well and is handy as I regularly take vitamins every day so it is convenient to combine the both